Time to Pick!

The tastiest part of the year!
A normal harvest begins around June 10th–ish. It can be a bit earlier, or a bit later. Mother Nature decides when!


Ripening Berries!

An average season only lasts approximately 18 days.  Once again, it is all dependent on MOTHER NATURE!  Once the berries begin to ripen, they don’t stop for anything or anybody!

Arriving at the Farm

Upon arrival at the farm, you will be met with a cheerful face, who will supply you with complimentary containers.  If you chose to pick your own berries, you will be directed to a field member who will show you where to park, and assign your picking rows, which have never been picked, or touched in several days, ensuring the best possible picking!   We welcome children and families on the farm! Our only request is that children remain within arms reach of an adult at all times. During peak season, you will barely have to move to pick all of the berries you wish! 

Weighing the Berries

After you have picked all of your strawberries, you will drive to the barn to have your berries weighed.  Our scales are calibrated to deduct the weight of your picking container.